Sunday, November 29, 2009


My sister was kind enough to invite us to Thanksgiving dinner at her house.  She also had a dead turkey and part of a dead pig on the table.  Bleech!

I made some vegan cakes to take.  I bought a cake-leveler for $3 and wanted to try it out.  I had white cake mix in the pantry and I bought some vanilla icing.  I also purchased German Chocolate cake mix and coconut-icing. Yum!

I am seriously deficient in cake pans (because I'm the cupcake-queen!) so I decided to use a round pie pan and a square pan.

I oiled the pan and then used cake mix to flour the pan.  It doesn't make a difference with white cakes, but it's an important step with other colors.  If you use the cake mix, you don't have white flour on the crust of the cake!

I mixed the batter by hand (because I have no other way of doing it!).  I used a tablespoon of soy flour to replace the egg whites in the recipe and used a little more water.  I poured half of the batter in the square dish and half in the round one.  I baked according to directions.

After they baked, I started making the German Chocolate cupcakes.  No real secret here, except I used the soy flour instead of eggs with them too.  I also use olive oil because I've heard rumors that it is better for you than vegetable oils.  I was afraid that they would have a weird taste, but they were fabulous! 

I cut the round cake in half and set them with the square cake as shown in the picture.
After I leveled them, I put the icing in the microwave for 30 seconds and mixed it really well and iced the cake.  I did get some crumbs in the icing, so it wasn't as pretty as I wanted it to be!
I still need practice with icing!  The cupcakes were much more forgiving!!

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