Sunday, December 6, 2009


Thumper was one of Dave's rabbits.  I saw her at the shelter and decided she was too cute to not own!  
She was terribly shy and didn't want to play with the other rabbits.  She was very content to sit in the corner alone.  We did furnish her with her own cage and spoiled her quite a bit.  She had come from a home where she was not socialized or loved on, it would seem.  However, she did eventually learn to trust us and would play with our big ole dog and mess with her. She was very sweet and talkative when we first got her.
A few weeks ago, I noticed that she was getting too skinny. Her hip bones were sticking out of her back and you could feel each little back bone and rib. I knew her days were numbered. We decided that we would rather spoil her rotten for her last days than try to stretch her life out a few extra days or weeks. So she ate a lot of pellets and fresh fruits and nuts her last weeks. She got lots more extra cuddles and more room time (alone without having to share with the other rabbits).
This morning, I found her lying on her side, breathing slow, shallow breaths. I cleaned her and wrapped her in a soft towel and she layed on Andrew's lap until she took her last breath.
We buried her in the back yard with a yellow rose as her grave marker.
She will be missed.

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