Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday=Catch up Day

I'm posting a bit early, but hopefully, this won't be all for the day.
Today is "catch up on laundry" and "clean the kitchen" and "cook" day.
Last week, I made a pan of brownies, a sheet cake and 24 cupcakes. They went straight into the freezer. This week, I'm soaking 5 lbs of potatoes to bake. They will be the base of most meals this week. Basically, I let them soak in the sink with some soapy water and then scrub them clean. I dry them and roll them in a plate of olive oil and then sprinkle some sea salt on them. I throw them all in my handy, can't-live-without-it convection oven and bake them for about an hour. They will stay "good" longer than they last around here. Easy to heat up later.
I got a 10-lb bag of potatoes for $2.50. I dumped half of it in the sink and will get several great meals/sides for $1.25.
I also have my big pot full of water, heating up to boiling right now. I'm going to make a big batch of spaghetti noodles, too. Same concept as the taters. $.25-.75 for several side dishes or a meal.
I started some pintos too. That will be in a separate post, because I'm photographing that one step by step!

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