Sunday, November 8, 2009

No pattern, no iron- no problem!

My son's school has a rule that the kiddies can't carry a backpack between classes. The only thing they are allowed to carry between classes is a drawstring bag. "All the kids have one". Well, I haven't been able to find one in stores, so I drug him to the fabric section to pick out something he wanted. He finally settled on plain black but then I noticed some halloween fabrics in clearance. He picked out a pretty cool purple and black fabric and we got 1/2 yard for $.55. Not too shabby. He then picked out some neon green cord ($2) for the drawstring. He's crazy insane for the Joker in Batman, so it works for him.

I had to buy a sewing machine (well, my sweet honey bought it for my birthday in 2 weeks) and some thread and some pins.  It turned out pretty well, considering I really didn't know what I was doing.  First I hemmed up the sides of it.

 Then I folded down the top about 2 inches and made two rows of stitches, to make a "pocket" for the cording.   I wish I could get a decent picture of this, because I did such a great job!!  :)  I ran the cording thru the pocket.
Then I folded it in half and pinned the cording about 6 inches from the fold and just sewed it right up in the seam. 

I didn't have enough cording to make it the way I wanted it.  He'll have to scrunch it himself at the top, while the other kids get to pull the cords and cause the top to scrunch.  He doesn't mind and he loves it. He has a very unique sack and I was only out $2.55!!

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