Monday, November 9, 2009


I love Taco Bell's potato-based food. I fell in love with and wanted to marry their cheesy potato bowls many years ago. A month ago, I tried the potato taco for the first time, and have never looked back.

Saturday, we were poking around the Dollar General Market and saw 10 hash browns (kind of like McD's) for $1.50. They are frozen, oval patties. I fried them up yesterday, and they started falling apart, so I took the liberty of "scrambling" them.

I wanted to try to copycat the Potaco, but not exactly (no lettuce at home) and add our tastes to it.

First, the tortilla: $.11 each. I made them two at a time. A dollop of ranch dressing then put one tortilla on top of the other and smear it around to share between two of them. Then a generous glob of hash browns. I use a cheese sauce (.59/lb) and throw a few jalapenos ($.05/ounce), (because I like them, not because TB does.) Then I put a little bit of salsa on there for flavor and color! I would like to have a packet of TB sauce instead, but I don't save those.

Then I rolled it up like a wrap. I wrapped my napkin it around it like a burrito to secure it. Two tacos/wraps/burritos fit in my cute lunch bag and was topped off with a bag of tortilla chips. At lunch, I'll warm it for a minute.

It took me 9 minutes to fix my lunch this morning. Most of that time was getting jars out of the fridge and putting them back. Next time, I'll be more prepared and can cut a few minutes off that time. Taco Bell is 10 minutes away and I have never been able to get my order in less than 10 minutes during lunch. So, although a Potaco from TB is only $.86 each, I made them at home for about $.30 each and saved 10-15 minutes for the process. I also have an "almost free" side of chips ($.10?) and my drink from home ($.06). Same combo from TB is an affordable $3.86 ($4.21 after taxes), my homemade version is $.83! Saving $3.38 is quite an incentive.  If I did that five times a week for 50 weeks, I would save $845.  If we both did this, we could have $1690 in a sinking fund for our trip to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in IMAX.

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